About Our Company

Srimayi Nidhi Limited, one of the leading Nidhi Companies. In addition to the transparency, security and range of its gold loan products, Srimayi Nidhi Limited distinguishes itself from others primarily on the basis of the ease with which gold loans can be availed from our branches. The only requirement is that borrowers present themselves at our branches with the jewellery and with a valid ID and address proof. 

service we offer

Thus if you want to deposit any amount in a Nidhi Company or want to avail a loan from a Nidhi Company, first you have to become a member by subscribing to shares of the Company.

Saving Account

Money can be deposited / withdraw into an account as per the wish of account holder.

Recurring Deposit Plan

This is a cumulative deposit scheme under which interest is accumulated to the principal deposit amount.

Fixed Deoposit Scheme

We offers assured and attractive rates on Fixed Deposits for various maturity periods.

Loan Against Gold

A sum of money which is borrowed to be paid back with interest over a period of time.

Daily Deposit Scheme

Daily Deposit Scheme is a monetary deposit scheme to help daily wage earners.

Group Loan Scheme

Where small groups borrow collectively and group members encourage one another to repay.


I must say that this company is one of the best Nidhi Company. I am very much pleased to write this testimonial for them.


My business was very small and i was searching for loan. Srimayi Nidhi Limited provided me loan that time and i expanded my business. Thanks to Srimayi Nidhi Limited